Online Course

The online lessons for both Ga language and Twi are delivered via live video link (Zoom) for a maximum of 8 students per session.

This is to make sure that students’ needs are met during lessons. Sessions are delivered in a fun and lively way to sustain interests and aid quick learning.

There are different levels of study, which include;




Registered students for either Ga classes or Twi classes log-on at their chosen times for classes to begin.

Usual teaching days are Saturdays

Courses usually run once a week for a 10-week duration.

At the end of your course, you would be able to communicate better in Ga or Twi. This course will also give you the needed confidence to speak Ga and/ or Twi.

Click on the appropriate language and level for the 2022 courses below;

Ga Level 1,   Twi Level 1

Ga Level 2,   Twi level 2 (Available Now)