About Me

My name is Godfrey Nii Buckle. I was born and raised in Accra, Ghana where I was a teacher for 10 years, teaching both Primary and Junior secondary school students. Amongst the subjects which I taught were Twi and Ga. So as a qualified teacher in Ghana, and a native speaker, I come with a vast amount of experience and knowledge of the Ghanaian language and culture. As well as speaking Twi and Ga, I also speak Hausa and some Ewe.

I moved to the UK when I met my wife who was also born in Ghana, but raised in the UK from when she was a child. We now live in Essex together with our daughter.

Although my wife was born in Ghana, she quickly lost both the use of Twi and Ga languages that she came to the UK with as her parents did not continue to speak to her in either of the languages. So since coming to the UK I became aware that there were many people like my wife who are in this situation where they are desperate to learn Ga and/or Twi language which their parents grew up speaking. In particular, there are many British born Ghanians who are unable to speak the two main Ghanaian languages, Ga and Twi. I realised that there was a need for those wanting to learn their native language.

In addition, I have also come across many people who want to either learn the Ga or learn the Twi  language simply because they will be traveling to Ghana for business or pleasure but are not Ghanaian themselves.

I love Ghana and I’m passionate about my country, culture and language and want to impart my knowledge onto those who have that same interest – To learn Ga and learn Twi. This is what led me to start my own classes teaching adults in the UK.